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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Back Tracking

This post is going back a little, but I like to get all the pictures loaded, and write about what is going on in each one so I don't forget.  This is kind of my online journal, so feel free to follow along or skip as you please.

This is the kind of strange pictures I find on my camera when they stay with their big brothers.  Plastic bag tunics.......??

The first snow of the season!  They played outside for a long time!

Then back in for some hot chocolate.
 Good to the last drop :)

The boys' friend Caleb has some tall boots to fill!  They came clear up to Iley's crotch.

 If I turn my back for 5 minutes.......they have half of their toys outside.

I asked Iley..."who are you?"  She says, "I'm the bad guy!"  ........of course, I should have known that.......must have been the pink Hello Kitty purse that threw me off....or maybe the pink hair dryer?

 Enjoying time with the uncles :)

Pat a Cake.

Then there was a troll invasion.........Grandma was protecting the little people.

 To say they love Grandma would be a huge understatement!

 A minor cooking mishap?

 I think caramel corn and puppy chow was in the makings here.

 The girls were invited to their annual Christmas tea!  They were so excited!

 Iley must have gotten a little bored with the conversation......I heard her say "Mom, can you help me please?"

The mad tie-er has struck again.

 Feeling crumby!!  The puke bowl makes a great hat while not in use though.

 Someone's taking a picture.....count me in!

 House pass the time.

Dinner Table conversation:  Harrison asks me....Mom, So if nobody's perfect, but God never makes does that work? 

Then he says Eve should NOT have eaten the apple!  I said Adam should have killed the snake!  He says "he was probably off hunting" I said '"no he wasn't he was standing right beside her, and ate the apple too!  He should have been the leader and not a follower"  He says well that wouldn't have happened to me, I wouldn't have been anywhere near a snake.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Random Tidbits and lots of Brentley

I plopped in the chair after work and said I. am. tired! I didn't sit down once all day."  Iley who is standing in the doorway, says sympathetically, "AWW, poor baby!"  Then offers to rock me!  

I had the girls get off the bus at DQ today after school.........a treat that they LOVE.......because they get ice cream.  After they got their mini blizzard, that came with a short spoon.........Wren, the ring leader, decided they needed long spoons.  Problem:  the long spoons were waaaay at the back of the counter, and Mom was busy helping a customer.  After trying several times from different angles and failing, Wren assesses the situation, hollers Iley over, and Lifts Iley up so she can reach the spoons!  Problem solved.  She amazes me with her common sense and problem solving skills. 

The next batch of pictures are rather one subject.......the babe.  I thought I had some pictures of the girls on my camera, but no.  Hopefully more of them coming soon......but until then, here is a darling subject. 

He nearly gave his mother heart failure the other day.  He did a nose dive out of his high chair.  She had properly strapped him in.......turned around to do something, and the little Houdini bailed out on his noggin.  He got a nice goose egg which then turned into a black eye.

He loves to eat!!  and makes sure his mouth is sufficiently open so you don't miss.

 He has discovered a "tunnel" behind the couch.